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Ice princess

the morning light is just filtering through the bare trees.  She has seen mornings like this before the calm before the storm, the only difference is the storm is raging in her, not the weather.  Ava has been skunked before but never more than a couple of days this has gone for more than a… Continue reading Ice princess

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Introductions: Arwen Dyer

Once and awhile when I am out scrolling the blogs I subscribe to you come across a wonderful piece that you just feel compelled to share – such is the case with one that Leanne Cole just recently did and introduced us her readers to the wonderful work of Arwen Dyer…Hope you enjoy as much… Continue reading Introductions: Arwen Dyer

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TRAVEL THEME: MELLOW – right here!!

Thanks so much for this prompt…its perfect for living in the north country !   There are only a few great hidden gems in the world, quiet tucked away places where you can go and be yourself.  Alone and escape the rat race of everyday life.  I live in one of those places, in fact… Continue reading TRAVEL THEME: MELLOW – right here!!

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SHARE YOUR WORLD – 2015 WEEK #32 – gingham chick

Are you a collector of anything? Oh my this is so hard for me as I collect alot of things…I am a collector of santas – have nearly 200 – I have a collection of trinket boxes/jewelry boxes (and of course the jewelry that goes in…and there lies my next collection of ROCKS that’s right folks… Continue reading SHARE YOUR WORLD – 2015 WEEK #32 – gingham chick