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grey day…

Today is a grey day here, not bright and sunny, not cold and blowing, just grey!  Do colors affect your day?  When you see bright and cheery colors do you smile?  Like when you see a clown with a young child, do you grin?  When you see a white sail against a blue sky and… Continue reading grey day…

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Bye Bye 2015

To say that I am thrilled to see another year end is not the case, this past year was very busy and hectic to say the least.  But it brought great joys as we celebrated our daughter’s wedding, our other daughter’s home purchase, our son got his driving permit as well.  Which are just a… Continue reading Bye Bye 2015

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They walk among us…Angels just look to see your Everyday Angel

My story starts with a middle aged woman and her husband going to deliver their third child; it was a chilly Nov. 17th morning that started with us checking into our local hospital as Cole was to be a C-section. Prepped and ready to deliver, he made his appearance just fine, and we were soon reunited… Continue reading They walk among us…Angels just look to see your Everyday Angel

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Day 6 – My favorite

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it. 2 days when I went to help my daughter paint her apartment.  Almost 27 years together and we only have ever been apart for no more than 2 days, I would say that is amazing in itself.  But to… Continue reading Day 6 – My favorite