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Ice princess

the morning light is just filtering through the bare trees.  She has seen mornings like this before the calm before the storm, the only difference is the storm is raging in her, not the weather.  Ava has been skunked before but never more than a couple of days this has gone for more than a week now and her frustration is about to hit her boiling point.  If she doesn’t get fresh fish soon her team may starve and one can’t be this far north without a dog team.  Ava prided herself in being self sufficient, from the cabin she created with her own hands to securing food for her and her team.  She worked hard from sun up to when it disappeared on the western sky.  Ava had never had things others did but then material things never made her happy.  “This makes me happy,” Ava screams as she spins in a circle, “being here in the beauty of the creator, this makes me happy.  And the changing of the seasons, the cry from an eagle soaring on the winds, or watching the otters play in the bay.”   This was her home as it had been her families home for generations before, but the world was changing and maybe not for the better.  She paused for a moment to offer a prayer to the creator to bless her today in the hunt for fish.  Ava walked on the ice slowly just as her father had taught her,  “To remain alive here, ” he offen said to her “one must respect Mother Earth, and thank her often for letting you enjoy her bounty.”  Ava knew that was why she was not getting fish she had become greedy, and not thankful.  So she knelt down on the ice and began cutting a hole into the ice.  When her hole was opened to one foot by two feet she went back to shore and gathered her hut, this was nothing more than willow branches with hides sewn on them to make a hut. It had just enough room for her, the hole and a log stool that her father used, the seat was well worn from many hours of fishing, and her spear.  She had to make a new one soon as one of the tines had broke the last time she came out.  She sat on her stool and peered into the hole, nothing but empty water.  This was going to be a long day…

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