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Praises from on top of the ROCK!!!

So today at lunch I started on a book, and have been wondering if the characters are the right ones, I get so mixed up sometimes, so many story lines in my head, so many wanting to have their story told.  I once read that adult fiction writers think of their characters take on a life of their own.

As Eileen Kennedy-Moore points out, “Adult fiction writers often talk about their characters taking on a life of their own, which may be an analogous process to children’s invisible friends.”

And yes that is the way I feel at times, so today I have been praying for a sign of true evil in the world and a sign of three to show me I am on the right book the one that needs to be told right now.  Oh, don’t worry I know most will be see my prayer and the sign that I got tonight as just a fluke, just random things, but I don’t believe in random, I believe in God, I know He sends me messages and you just have to be patient and trust that prayers are answered.  So there I was scanning Facebook and came across this picture.  I know not exactly true evil, but then again it has killed many and damage this storm inflicted is staggering.  Then I came across this story of the lions.  Wow really three lions, the lion of Judah, Daniel thrown in the lion’s den, the lion is mentioned over 100 times in the Bible.  And the 3 in the Bible is the Holy Trinity, and so many more.  So if I am rambling I will now get to my point, being I prayed for a sign I was on the right book, really I just wrote the first 2 pages down at lunch how could this possibly be just a fluke.  God is not random people, God has a master plan that in no way do we see all of that plan, no we just sit back, pray, listen for the small voice, and love all mankind.


So I give to you Wren Silver one of my many, many friends trying to tell their story from the cobwebbed corners of my mind.

Wren just twirled herself around she couldn’t believe it, her publicist actually came through.  Here she was standing by a small stone cottage in the hills of Ireland, and here was where she would be for the next two months surrounded by lush green hills for miles.  All provisions had been stored in the cabin already and the driver would check back in two weeks and bring fresh provisions along, there was a ham radio if something should happen she could use that to call someone.  But really who on earth would she have to call?  Wren was looking forward to the quiet she told her publicist she needed to finish her next book.  They were in a time crunch to complete and she was suffering from major writer’s block in the city.

Wren felt more alive than she had felt in years, she still was blown away at the idea she was a published author.  She had submitted the story on a dare from the guy she was dating at the time.  Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would land a contract with the number one publishing company in the world.  They love the story line, the characters came to life under her words and now they wanted more.  She had given them ten books already and it had only been 3 years, but now she was at a major road block, and this she told her publicist was the only way she would break through.  The firm agreed and here she was, the pure joy bubbling through her right now was hard to contain.  “Thanks so much Ed for getting me up here,” Wren said.  Ed replied, “No worries miss, see you in two weeks,”  Wren smiled and said, “Yep, see you in two weeks.”  She waved as he drove away, and looked back at the door of the cabin.

Wren pinched her arm to see if this was real or if she was dreaming, well that hurt she thought so this is real.

She started humming to herself as she walked around the adorable stone cottage.  There was wood stacked in a pile off to the left of the cabin, there were wild flowers in scattered beds all over the tended 2 plus acres of lawn surrounding the cottage, and beyond that there was over 200 acres of untamed wilderness here in Ireland.  This was the

Sorry but I can’t give it all away, you will have to keep following if you want to know what happens.  But I believe you will like her story.


Your SIH,  Gingham Chick


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