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thinking causes prayer

So today I thought of a friend and prayed for her right on the spot, not sure why she crossed my mind at that moment maybe she needed to feel the hand of our Father, maybe she needed to have someone reach out and stand in front of a demon that was harassing her, maybe she asked for help outright, maybe she wanted to touch a fellow believer in prayer herself and was thinking a prayer for me???  I will never know why, but I don’t need to know that is in the hand of our creator.  Just as the conversations I had with family members over the fourth of July.  No one can judge why we do the things we do, we are motivated by so many factors these days that it is hard to see the truth in front of our very eyes.  One cousin and I talked over how we have seen the hand of God work in our lives, and have been praying for the very thing the day before, or even moments before…it is so unique to see the hand of God work for His master plan to bring people from across the ocean to work in our country only to see them leave…but then we know how much they touch us as Christians and how much we touched them…so even though we can not give each other hugs in person we can facetime and facebook and email, text and call to stay in contact when we again are separated by miles…but then we laughed and said if we don’t meet again on this side of heaven we will see you there….and such is the case for all believers, we are not ever saying good bye to family and friends, we are saying see you later if not here then there.  It brings my heart such great joy to know this, and maybe I am understanding this now as I look back over almost 50 years…I stood watching the fireworks with family and what joy overcame me to remember that our country was founded on God, we wanted freedom to believe.  Maybe it meant even more to watch these fireworks this year because of our new friends from South Africa were there to experience it for the first time.  And when we asked how did it make you feel, we were humbled when they responded it felt like war, what we take as a great celebration took them back to when there were bombs in their home country.  Being here my whole life, made me pause and thank God for granting me the freedom I have felt my whole life.  I think this 4th of July proved that one should never take any little sign of LOVE, FREEDOM or FAMILY TIME for granted.  It is truly a blessing from our God that we are here, and its a greater blessing to know this FREEDOM from day one.  If I could change one thing for the whole world it would be to experience a day of FREEDOM with no worry of death, fear of hate, or loosing a loved one.  Just one day where no one died just because someone was mad, one day where no one felt so alone that they saw no other way out, just one day where a child doesn’t suffer from lack of food, medicine, clean water, or a hug.  Just one day where every teenager felt worthy of living.  Just one day where no cancer was found, no medical condition changed the life of a loved one.  Just one day where no one was beaten, raped, murdered.  Just one day where every tear was never cried.  That day is just a dream that I have, but I know that someday when in heaven, there will be no tears, no killing, no hurt, pain, or suffering.

Revelation 21:4

‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

2 Corinthians 2:4

For I wrote you out of great distress and anguish of heart and with many tears, not to grieve you but to let you know the depth of my love for you.


Love Gingham Chick

AKA Julie  – SIH

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