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Being a Parent

In today’s world I find myself drawn into what we could be instead of what we are.  In the society and public eyes they see me as a mom, wife, secretary, but not as educator.  Well that is about to be flipped totally around, my husband and I are making the choice for our son.  We are going to homeschool him for his final 3 years of high school.  I know you are sitting there reading this going “Why now?”  “WHAT?”  “Are you sure?”  “Do you think that is wise?”  “I don’t think it’s a good decision for your family!”  But you have not lived with our son, who is wonderfully talented, bright, loving and smart.  You have not seen him frustrated to the point of tears, frustrated to the point of yelling “I hate it and I am not going back!”  attitude.  We have my husband and I have been there, we see his level of happiness just burst.  And this outstanding person just crumble under the burden of trying to remember day to day tasks…  You see our son struggles with remembering tasks from the beginning of one class to the end of the day – so homework becomes an issue.  As he doesn’t remember to bring home or forgets that he even has the assignment it has a cool technical term Executive Dysfunction Disorder sounds really bad but what it really means is his short term memory files things differently than the way others do.  He will get a task to do and if it is not repeated to him throughout the day or if he can’t remind himself about it, it is not there just a short hour later, but scary thing is he can recall it weeks later.  So that is where we are struggling with the homework getting done or for that matter even getting home.  So yes we did have an IEP (Independent Education Plan)  but this year since we jumped into high school everyone was trying to change what was working from the previous year.  So Cole went from being a A, B and C grade average kid to C, D and F in just a mere year.

This is something we over came not once, not twice but this will be the third time that we have stepped in and made Cole feel like he can do anything and be anything he wants even if the homework is lacking.  There are executives running mult. million dollar companies that have personal assistants that keep them on track, and that is what Cole’s IEP was set up to do, yet it failed miserably.  So here we had a kid who love going to school in 8th grade and now we have a kid that doesn’t want to go.  As parents, Mark and I have struggled through making him do homework, fixing mistakes to gain points just to pass.  And this is not the way education is supposed to be, learning should be fun and enjoyable.  You should want to strive to learn more or discover a new skill. One is always on the path to knowledge.

So as Mark and I prepare to train up our child, we are looking for ideas for 10th grade curriculum if you know of any….and since I blog not only for work, but for our business with horses and my personal one you are reading now I feel we can find enough to information to give our son a well-rounded education.

We have friends that homeschool kiddos and I will turn to a few of them for help – it’s not that we don’t believe in public schools and we are not saying all public schools are an issue, we raised both our girls in them and our daughters are both successful one is a senior graphic designer and our other is a teacher in 4th grade in a public school something we are very proud of, but at this point in Cole’s life he needs to have our attention focused in on his education and giving him the tools he needs to thrive in today’s world not just get by…we want him to be successful and achieve his dreams not have them dashed with letter grades that don’t show all the effort or behind the scenes stuff it takes to get good grades.  You see we are pumping our kids up to be high achievers in sports, drama, band, but when it comes to grades if they want to go to college we push that but if they don’t they can slide through…but that is where we as a society went wrong, sliding through does not better mankind.  One striving to find things, solve problems and make sure you achieve a goal that is what is lacking today as well as morals, to do good not bad.  So in our little corner of the world, we can’t fix the way Cole learns in public school so we can change one student in a homeschool setting, our child, we can be the teachers of life and of skills that you need in the real world.  Not everyone needs to have trigonometry to succeed in everyday life, but you do need basic math skills with money, balancing a checkbook or what loan value can I afford.  We hope to instill the good skills needed to be a problem solver, to think outside the box, to look at a situation and come at it from all sides and then make a game plan to achieve an end result.  To many young kids today look to the internet to fix things, or to their parents to bail them out again when we should as a society instilling daily survival knowledge in kids, if the power goes out what to do, if a disaster strikes would you know how to get water?  Where to get food?  Do you know how to cook over open flame?  Do you know how to do laundry?  How to mend clothes instead of buying new?  So we are ready to see what this next year will hold for our family we are putting it in God’s hands that He places people in our path that can teach Cole life skills, and we know without a doubt this is the right path for us and most importantly for Cole.  Bring it on world we are ready to learn!!!!

Psalm 119:66

Teach me knowledge and good judgment, for I trust your commands.

Proverbs 2:10

For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul

Proverbs 12:1

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid.


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