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bible study tonight


So the journey tonight was different, we vented, we laughed and we cried…we gather strength from each other and lean on one another.  Through this Christian walk, we each face mountains and deep valleys yet we sometime walk alone on that walk.  Afraid to let others see our vulnerability not to let others in on our pain, or hurt. Yet as we walk we need the support of others, we need to lean on that shoulder, to get that hug.  So this author points out that we need to give positive affirmation to others, that they may need to hear those positive words at that moment.  We also need to not hide our spirit (our Christian light) away from the world, we need to make investment in others lives, yes if we open ourselves to love we can be hurt (even when you think they won’t – they do) but if you don’t venture out you will never know what friendship you are missing out on.   Just like the story of the talents, and how two of the servants used their share to benefit the third was scared of his master and hid the talent…he was called lazy. (Matthew 25:14-30)

So for me I have been pleasantly surprised by this author, and I am looking forward to finishing this bible study.


Your SIH

Julie AKA Gingham Chick

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