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RISEN….a great movie to see

So just got done seeing the movie Risen and may I say BRAVO!!!!  It was wonderfully told, really made you think, and made you question if….

My son and I attended as a promotion our local theater did to raise funds for our local food shelf…it was well attended!!!!  And yes I would go again.  Actors played convincing roles, and was great to see this side of the storyline.

So glad to see producers finally seeing there is another audience out there that want to see this type of film.

My son said the ending was awesome…and everyone should take that last line to heart “_________” not going to give it away go see the movie  – it left my heart happy and joyful that I am a believer, and also tugged at my heartstrings when Clavius (Joseph Fiennes) saw Jesus – would I react that same way ????  Left it wide open for other movies 🙂

Thanks Sony Pictures #RisenMovie


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