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started writing a post…and didn’t finish

Because something happened in my little corner of the world (maybe a bit down the street) something happened that I need to put a voice too.  You see shootings (officer died) don’t normally happen in our neck of the woods unless you are hunting…then maybe an accidental shooting may occur, but this had not happened in our area for a long time.

When are we going to wake up as a neighborhood, as a state, as a nation, as a world.  VIOLENCE is the easy way out.  For both those that inflict it on others and the ones it is force upon.  And I don’t care what color you are, if you resort to VIOLENCE you are the loser not the winner and you bring those down around you as well.  You bring down the families touched by your senseless act, you’re regard to living without BOUNDARIES!  Your single choice affects others, and it has a ripple effect!

Today’s society is the one losing, today’s society doesn’t know how to just say NO!  Just a few years ago when someone said no, it meant that.  Today it means maybe, I’ll think about it, then if the person whines some more and I will break, I really didn’t want to say no, I meant yes, do whatever you want.  In our neck of the woods, stop signs should mean stop but many are using them as pause markers and continue through the intersection even though someone is coming at them doing 60….yep I am suppose to slow down for you who had a stop sign.  But that is what happens when everyone starts seeing themselves as more important than anyone else.  No one sees that we are the same, we all bleed red…yet some feel that they are better because they have more money, higher job status, better car…you get the picture.  When you strip everything away and you are standing next to me…are you any better (well you maybe a bit thinner LOL as I, over the past few years, have added a bit of weight) but even if that was stripped away would we be different???

When even the most basic things do not make a difference (like the life of another person – when did the life of someone else not matter) then it becomes a ripple.  It’s like a pebble dropped into a lake, there are little ripples but slowly that water will return into calm water again, but if a rock and more and more rocks are dumped into the same spot the water actually gets turbulent and waves feed on waves…this is like violence it feeds off of more violence, it feeds off of distrust, it feeds off of denial, off of bad choices, it feeds off of no boundaries, rules or guidelines set.

Boundaries are set for the safety and betterment of a society, they are set to keep young safe, they are set to give order to chaos.  Yet we can’t tell our kids “no” for fear of being too hard on them, we can’t say we don’t like something for fear of offending someone.  We have become a society that has lost its most essential way – boundaries!  Boundaries or Rules are not to hinder someone they are there as a set of guidelines for safety and protection.  I get it, you don’t want to be told what to do, you want to be free to make your old rules, you don’t want to be fenced in by boundaries…but with that total chaos ensues and I am not looking forward to where this world is going unless some guidelines, boundaries and rules are put back into place.  Back when I was a teenager we had rules of curfew, if you were late there would be consequences.   I was only late once…

Today I think we need to resolve to add back to our world some guidelines, rules and boundaries…you’re thoughts???

Psalm 9:8
He rules the world in righteousness and judges the peoples with equity.
Psalm 103:19
The Lord has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all.
Your SIH
Gingham Chick AKA Julie

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