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The hand of God


So every once in a while God leads me to verses in the Bible that I didn’t even know they were there. Back in January was such a time – the verse was in Psalms and I have been praying quite a bit in regards to my feelings and what He wants me to do with the verses. Tonight I got my answer it hit me as I was journaling for my blessings date book. Psalm 53:1 go there now…yep I did not listen right away sometimes I need a rock or brick thrown at me to get my attention but when that verse popped into my train of thought for the second time I knew that I would be turning my eyes to that verse before I laid my head down for the night.  You see the previous verses were about women and the job or role they have turn to Psalm 68:11-12 it states that women who proclaims the word of the Lord are a mighty throng.  With His guiding I found the perfect verse, women are not to teach the word of God unless it is to other women or children, and I as a believer felt left out that I could not be used for teaching yet here in God’s own words is a way to do that and more.  I don’t have to teach I just need to proclaim the word of God!  So then I pondered who do I proclaim it to? And tonight I got that answer, in the verse above.  I need to proclaim the words of God to those who tuck non belief in their heart.  So now dear Lord how do you want me to do that task?  That’s the easy part I am already doing it by proclaiming my deep faith here on this blog.  It is so deeply awe inspiring to see His master plan roll out right before you… And means so much more when He trusts you for the task.      Until next time.

You’re SIH

Julie – aka gingham chick

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