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grey day…

Today is a grey day here, not bright and sunny, not cold and blowing, just grey!  Do colors affect your day?  When you see bright and cheery colors do you smile?  Like when you see a clown with a young child, do you grin?  When you see a white sail against a blue sky and sea do you feel relaxed?  How about you see a new baby wrapped in Pink or Blue do you know in your heart that is a precious little soul is just about to start their life in this crazy, mixed up world.  When you see a procession of cars with a grey or black one in the lead do you know right away someone is mourning the loss of a dear loved one.  When you see the desert in bloom and burst forth with color do you pause to wonder how so much life could live in such a dry place.  Today is one of those special days here we have been frosted with hoar frost (a grayish-white crystalline deposit of frozen water vapor formed in clear still weather on vegetation, fences – definition from google dictionary) it is so very cool when it happens here, the pines take on a color they don’t normally have, and every tree, blade of grass, bush and powerline get a coating of this magical frost.  Up here we are lucky to see this maybe once or twice a year, but normally it’s early or very late in the winter not right in the middle.  So while you go about your colorful world for today I am going to enjoy my grey!!!




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