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prayers for life

When do you PRAY?

When do you cling to the LORD, when do you lean on HIM for care and understanding.  If you only pray when you need something or even when you think you need something then your prayer life is not filled enough.  How do we know if prayer is filling us enough, when God is in your thoughts all the time.  When you wonder, how Jesus would react or what would God want me to say or do.  Just saw the movie War Room and I must say, Miss Clara reminds me a lot of my aunt, grandma and spiritual mentor all rolled into one. If you have seen it wonderful, if not why???  This movie hit home for me and where my prayer life has lead me to this point, now after midnight yet so full of words the my brain just can’t shut off.  Yes, I want a prayer life so full that I see the blessings, I want the passion she showed for God to bubble from me as it did from her.  Oh I know its a movie but I know its also life, and life is what we make of it.  So do I just want to sit on the sidelines and watch life pass me by or do I want to dig into the trenches of this ragging war all around us, from drugs, to porn, to sexual abuse, to lies, to cheating, to stealing, killing and so much hate.  No my God is bigger than all of that, HE IS LOVE!!!!!  HE IS LIGHT!!!!  HE IS JOY!!!!! HE IS COMPASSION!!!! HE IS SO MUCH more and yet He gave His Son so that we may have life and live it abundantly.  Not just a little bit, but abundantly!!!  Say it with me ABUNDANTLY!!  That’s what life is – its living every moment of every waking day to the FULLEST.  Not a half empty kinda glass but an overflowing kind.  One where HE is so much a part of my very breath that HE overflows to all parts of my life.  Will this make my life any easier, will I become rich over night, will I make thousands of online friends, no I will not change the circumstances that are a part of my everyday life right now?  It will not create something from nothing yet maybe it can, it can create in you a spark of interest to know more of this overflowing love, this warmth inside even on a day like today where it was -5 for a high…this light needs to be unleashed on this world of darkness.  It is hard to watch the news and feel any bit of hope but that is why I cling to the one that is not of this world.  I put my trust in God, my creator, my everlasting and His Son my messiah, my prince of peace, my salvation, and the Holy Spirit, my guide, my voice crying in this vast storm of nothingness we have here on earth today. I will make a difference, maybe not now, not this day, maybe not even my lifetime, but someday in the archives of the internet someone will read these words and know that prayers even though some are not answered as we want them, they are answered and we just need to look for the signs of love not hate.  Joy not sadness, laughter instead of pain, freedom not chains, hope not failure, success is built on love, success is built on the ROCK of salvation not sinking sands of the devil.  For the ways of this world are dark and twisted, wanting you to believe if you have more, or a better house, or faster car that will make you happy.  But when all is said and done it is just stuff, my stuff may not be designer brands or expensive, but my stuff is not what drives me for happiness, my stuff is just that stuff.  As for the happiness it is waking up to see the sunrise.  Hearing the first robin as it comes back to our yard in spring, its in the bloom of a flower, of feeling the spray off a waterfall, its in the joy on a son’s face as they catch their first fish, or a daughter as she discovers a butterfly.  IMG_2610 - CopyIt the warmth of a dog’s cuddle or the purr of a kitten. Its watching something grow and mature before your very eyes, its being able to have the ability to love, and be loved back.  Its in making a new friend, coffee with an old friend, connecting to someone 1/2 a world away.  It’s the joy of a single stars sparkle upon the fresh snow, its the rainbow that follows the storm, its the thunder and lighting of the storm.  Its the peace that fills you from head to toe when you see it, it is just love.  So as for me I am arming my war room with many verses of abundant love, joy, happiness, family, friends, and HIM!!!  What will you put up in yours?

I want to leave you with a verse taken right out of my bible, and a flower i got from a friend.  WP_20160108_18_04_06_Pro

Isaiah 1:18

 New International Version (NIV)
18 “Come now, let us settle the matter,”
    says the Lord.
“Though your sins are like scarlet,
    they shall be as white as snow;
though they are red as crimson,
    they shall be like wool.

Love to you all

SIH – gingham chick

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