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random thread

So my life just took a turn that I would have never guessed, not in my lifetime could I see myself speaking with someone on the other side of the planet.  Tonight I was blessed to meet a beautiful young woman, and now my quilt of life has just be woven with a new thread of friendship.  How this happened is still something I am trying to wrap my head around. But the choice was mine to reach out, I could have deleted the spam and not reach out but something bugged me about the wording in the post that made me reach out. And she had the choice to ignore my message and not respond back. But I am blessed to have done so, for now I have a new connection and I have the chance to be a friend when she is struggling with a major thing in her life right now.  Do I think random things happen, nope I do not believe in random anything.  This was part of God’s plan, not to have her struggle on her own with this issue, but to have someone that can be there for her.  My life is full and blessed, and my quilt of life was beautiful – or so I thought but now it is even more so.  Not just because of this new thread, but because I answered a heart nudge to connect with a soul that was hungry for someone that would just listen and love on them.  And really isn’t that what life is suppose to be – reaching out and touching those in need, who are hurting, who need a shoulder to cry on, or just someone to listen to them. When Jesus walked this earth He did not turn away from those in need, He went to them.  He ministered to those that were shunned from the rest of the world, He healed those in need, He listened to the woman at the well, He healed those that were put in front of Him, even when He was being lead to His death He healed the solider’s ear.  I know now my quilt of life is not a pattern of simple stitches or even colors such as these….

249278_202894246432423_6326340_n 313593_231113880277126_97412672_n 314487_231114470277067_221342035_n

but no I am not put together with a whole pattern, I am pieces of my life, and others, and then stitches that cover the seams to hold them together.  I am hand stitches that put accents on the pieces, beautiful stitches that adorn each block.  So I am more like this

images (2)

with little pieces, and beautiful stitches

download hancrqu images (3)

I am blessed to have a crazy quilt kinda life.  Thanks God for all my pieces you put in my path and the beautiful threads you give to stitch onto each block.


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