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Bye Bye 2015

To say that I am thrilled to see another year end is not the case, this past year was very busy and hectic to say the least.  But it brought great joys as we celebrated our daughter’s wedding, our other daughter’s home purchase, our son got his driving permit as well.  Which are just a few reasons I did not get to focus on writing very much…but every moment I am away from writing I feel like a piece of my soul dies.  If I can’t write about my feelings then are they worth feeling in the first place.  So this next year my goal is to write not just because I want it to become a habit but I need to write as if writing is a breathing part of my very existence.

You see every year since I was a teenager, I would start the year with the same goal, AKA weight loss, and every year I just slip right back into old habits of eating the wrong stuff.  So this year I thought if I could focus on something that maybe I will stick to I wouldn’t give up so easy.  If I start each day of this new year with a purpose I could achieve a goal.  I would love to bring the characters bumping around in my head to life on paper, if words flow from my fingertips maybe life will be breathed into a new friend for you and yet very familiar faces for me.

Last night I played lego harry potter with my 15 yr old, we defeated the  basilisk and almost achieved 100% true wizard, yet completing this brought me a sense of happiness as we fist bumped, and at that same moment I felt like I could write a story along the lines of Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, or other such book.  I know I can do this it is just going to be a process and many hours of reworking words to make historical sense – I mean you can’t have an ending without a beginning.  “Or can you?” hmmmmm….

Onto 2016 and writing like I have never done before, except of course in the recesses of my mind.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!!!

2 thoughts on “Bye Bye 2015

  1. Hi! Just a thought which may or may not work for you… I have recently had to Google “Story Starters” for the upcoming YA Writing Contest (hint hint for Cole:)) and even I was nearly inspired to jot down a few thoughts in response to reading them. Not like “Oh, I’m going to write to 5 days off this sentence” but maybe just take it a few paragraphs further down the line of thought. And I’m NOT a writer…. Of course, I know there are characters waiting their turn to tell their story in your head but maybe something to write that you’re less attached to the result… Hugs to you! Happy New Year!


    1. LOL I will let Cole know – is it through the library? or online? Yes, I will take sometime to look up and see if there are some that just sing out to me to continue a line or 40 🙂 Happy New Year too!!! HUGS!!!


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