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CANCER – a woe in this world

How do you give hope, cancer is the hardest word to hear for a parent or loved one.  It’s a harsh word if you are the one fighting the fight, or like me have heard it for your child, I have been there.  You hear that word and just freeze, what, why, how, tests must be wrong, yet the same word gets used over and over, cancer.  Its not a pretty word, you can’t make it better with flowers or pretty ribbons.  No matter how many benefits, or dollars raised sometimes I feel like its all backwards steps instead of going forward to a CURE.

Yes, my son has beat cancer but I know many who have not, and losing one makes me pause and thank God for my son’s cure.  It’s hard to watch little ones give brave and valiant fights some for years, yet some don’t make it, I shed tears for those parents, grandparents, family and friends.  I also grieve for my world and what it may have lost in the life that was here one minute and gone the next.   For how many doctors, scientists, healers, moms, and dads do we have to loose until the scales are balanced in funding for our kids!!! They deserve so much more, we all deserve to bury CANCER once and for all!!!

Just my thoughts as a scroll my wall and find 3 more little warriors, and a couple of friends battling their fight with cancer.  I will provide what I can to these parents and friends, my thoughts, prayers, support, I will be a shoulder for them, I will give them hugs if they are close enough.  I will also weep with them, smile with them, and be the person that stands next to them and just because their son/daughter/sister/brother has cancer does not mean as a friend I disappear, oh believe me it happens.

Friends you think will be there suddenly are not around, or they don’t answer phone calls.  Its so hard to be dealing with cancer and then to lose friends, or at least you thought they were.  But then out of the blue, someone you just meet, becomes a lifelong friend, one who doesn’t waver when things get tough in fact they seem to be more there when things are tough!  Those friends you thought you needed become insignificant, and you go on with life.  Because in the end that is what we do, we GO ON!


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