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When God throws total strangers together – friendships bloom.


This is how I describe some of my best friendships – I did not meet them we were just tossed together like ingredients in a great recipe.  Either at a function or retreat maybe even just bumped into each other at a store. Yet God knew we would become not just good friends but great friends.

So is my friendship with S.  She is a wonderfully gifted, talented, and loving mentor.  She is an outstanding prayer warrior, and never takes praise for all the good she does in the lives of others.  Myself being in that last group, you see she has blessed me, beyond what my own mind can think of but blessed me in spirit, yep she not only makes a difference she is THE difference in lives of many.

We had lunch today, and even though I am usually not self-centered today we chatted just about me for over ½ hour.  Then we chatted about her, she could have gone first but she must have seen that I was out of sorts…just like her to notice.

God puts people into our lives to enrich our life, not to be a burden or a chore to visit with; we should enjoy the 5 minute chats, the lunches and meals at a friend’s home.  Every moment we have with another believer or non-believer is one to be cherished.   So as we walk through the trials of life we have someone to pray for and with us.  As we walk through the joys in life we should also remember those who prayed for us in the trials as I am sure they would be the first to also PRAISE.

We often get a friend that we need just at that moment, and don’t even understand we needed them until that moment has passed.  Good friends don’t come around often, great friends are a true rare jewel in life – make sure you treasure them well!

I think I met a new lifelong friend today too – he is from Ohio 🙂 Had a wonderful chat with him!  Looking forward to more – maybe over coffee the next time or a nice spot of tea!

SIH  Julie – AKA gingham chick

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