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Just Beneath My Ordinary Feet…

So flipping through random things today on the internet – I do that from time to time when I am bored at lunch and look what I stumbled across – Beneath Your Feet Photo Challenge


Perfect I thought and my mind started to tumble about all the places my feet have touched – from the inside of my mother’s womb until now right here on my deck reflecting on life.  It really brought a smile to my face to think of all the states I have been too…I know I haven’t been anyplace off of North America, but I feel that when the time is right I will travel to other lands as well.

I remember walking on the beaches in CA, FL, and SC, the streams in the mountains of MT, WY, CO.  In Canada I walked on a glacier, in Mexico I walked on old cobble streets large enough for two people to pass each other…  In KS, my feet took me to the bottom of the world’s largest hand dug well, I have stood in two states at one time and my hands were in another two, so i was visiting FOUR states at once, that is super neat when you are ten…

My feet have walked in the GREAT LAKES, of Superior, Michigan, Erie, and Huron (have not made it as far as Ontario) and living in the land of 10,000 lakes of the beautiful state of MN, I have walked in a great number of lakes here!

When you visit the National and State Parks in the U.S. you can walk on beds of thick pine needles or lush undergrowth, not to mention all the game trails and cow paths…the White Sands of New Mexico and the Ruins in AZ, you can feel the deep history of generations before you there beneath your feet…walking with my feet has brought me great joys…the birth of my children, weddings, walking into our pastures to see new foals in spring.

But my favorite place to rest my feet is on my front porch swing – yes the paint has faded, my cushion on the swing is well worn but there has been a lot of love, deep conversations, and meaningful friendships on this spot where my feet rest after a day of work.  May your feet find a happy place to call home 🙂


From your friend Gingham Chick


4 thoughts on “Just Beneath My Ordinary Feet…

    1. Didn’t ever have a front porch when I was growing up – it was something both my husband and I really wanted on our home when we remodeled – it spans the entire front of the home 40 ft…8 ft wide and we love to hang out here on summer nights 🙂 Thanks for stopping by…


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