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helping hand tonight at golf course

Wow so overwhelmed with joy – it happened again. I am with my family on the golf course and a man that I saw earlier in the afternoon was walking up to the club house. So I made a beeline back there because we had just walked by and I knew the girl working was by herself so in the club house I go and he is asking her about just filling his cup with water, meantime I use the restroom and then came out and he was already outside, so I quickly purchase candy bars and bottle of water and take them out to the man outside. He said thank you but I can’t. I said they are just going to go to waste if you don’t take them. He goes on to tell me be has been walking from a town south of ours and is on his way to a town north of us. I wish him well and that God provides him a safe journey. He thanked me again and I joined the boys on hole 2 -I sent an extra prayer up tonight for the stranger with the loving eyes 👀 you could see his soul in them. I don’t know why God keeps placing people in my path that I can truly bless but bring it God as I want to do you work and share the blessings that you have given us with others. Just show me how to do on larger scale I am you servant dear Lord.

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