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Just Driving By :)

So I was out and about the other afternoon, and the wind had picked up plus it had started to rain (mist).  I was minding my own business when GOD decided I needed to help someone right now…and no I don’t mean in 10 minutes the prompting was so hard on my heart strings I felt like GOD was yelling at me!!! “PULL OVER, PULL OVER JULIE, PULL OVER RIGHT NOW!”  I could see a young man struggling with his bags from the store (every time the wind blew his bags would almost knock him over)  I laughed at God, ok I will do this but I will have to go around the block, as YOU can see I am in the wrong lane of traffic to help.  But if you insist I will go through the block at Super 8 and come back around…should have known GOD was on a mission for me to help the next three cars behind me in the opposite lane turned off so I moved over,  turned off the road into a parking lot,  rolled down the window and shouted at the young man…”Do you want a ride?”  His whole face lit up and his grin got big, he said yes that would be wonderful…he put his bags in back and introduced himself as Jack, I said my name is Julie, he said “Bless you sister for pulling over, and thank you for the lift.”  He had just asked God for help…and there I was…this of course can only be the Father’s doing for normally I would not stop for a stranger…would you?  He said he starts work on Monday…and goes on to say that he had been out of work for awhile and this was a chance to start over, only thing his apt is on the opposite side of town as Walmart…but he knew God would not let him down – and guess what, I was the one who could have not answered that calling and missed meeting this wonderful young man.

When you are prompted by the Spirit or God to do something – DO IT, you never know what life you will bless or what blessing will come your way because of it.

So the next time God tells you PULL OVER, don’t second guess why now, or I don’t have time right now, or can’t you get someone else….my heart is lighter and my smile is just a bit brighter now because I listened to that little LOUD voice from God!

When have you been prompted by God to do something for someone…share with me 🙂



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