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Prayer for someone…

Ok so here goes prayer, we get asked by someone to pray for this or that in their lives and do we?  Do you make a mental note to pray when you think of that person?  Or do you more often than not just forget? I have a prayer journal that I try to keep up with and pray over but some weeks just get too busy.

So this week of Thanksgiving I have decided to try something.  I am going to pray for someone I HAVE NOT MET, yep I am praying for a stranger, but you know what GOD knows exactly who needs this prayer and it will be there for them however they need it I just have to have the faith to pray.  So here is my challenge I want you to start Dec. 1st, and pray for a child, woman or man that GOD prompts into your heart and stop when ever HE prompts you.  You see prayer can not be on our human schedule it has to be on GOD’s schedule, He knows how to wrap His love around us when we need it so why can we not trust Him to do this for someone we have not met yet or who may not even believe in GOD.  It might just be your prayer could be the answer to a question they have been asking… “GOD if your there? please show me someone could care for me.”

We truly need to free with prayer, it may lead you to some amazing stories and some amazing people you have not met yet.  I don’t know about you but as for me this is just powerful.  I can pray for a complete stranger at any given moment in time and God will use that prayer for just the person who needs it.  Maybe my prayer will save the life of an unborn child that will grow up to discover a cure for cancer.  Maybe I reach that dad in time before he takes his life by drinking to much and his son finds him.  Maybe my prayer will help one in a nursing home find hope and love again.

We know not why we pray sometimes, we just feel the Hand of God upon us to do so.  Jesus even prayed in

John 17:20

[ Jesus Prays for All Believers ] “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message,
So if Jesus can pray randomly for believers do you not think it is time we step up and do the same???  I feel we must as more and more unrest in the world become apparent like the unrest in MO. I am praying that people there see the wrongs that they are committing and that order can begin again.

Acts 6:4

and will give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the word.”
So Prayer can be a ministry – it just doesn’t have to be about people we know it can be for anyone.
Just as I ran across this blog  she was having a pretty rough day, and did not even post about the happenings until later, (here is the post)  since at the bottom of her post she puts its been almost a week since that Sat.  I have a cause to think this took place on the 15th.  I wrote in my journal that night that at 10 I got the strange feeling something was not right, there was a believer somewhere under stress and needed prayer, that this mom I was praying for was not seeing God right now, she was overlooking HIM in all she does and needed to have the strength to go forward.
So I turned the pups outside (that should give me 15 minutes to pray for this person and I headed to my quiet spot in my home (usually the bathroom) but today my family was out hunting and I had the whole house to myself.
With that I turned off my phone, turned off the tv and went and sat looking out at the huge white pine in my yard.  I can see it from my patio window.  I love looking at it and praying.  So you dear Em got an hour of prayer sent to you before you even knew you needed it.  I prayed for strength, love, understanding and most of all I prayed that YOU would see GOD in your embrace of your child, (one someone else might not be so lucky to have) see GOD in the love of the constant in your life (your pup rain, shine or grumpy mood that pup loves you) see GOD in the morning light of the day.  See GOD in each and every step along the way.  HE is and ALWAYS will be there for you.  See HIM in the love from husband He blessed you with.  See Him in the walls of the home that HE provided for you by securing the job for paying the bills.  See Him in the raindrops that make the flowers grow, or the snows that bring so many different shapes and sizes.  See Him in the joy of elder parent or loved one who knows simple things in life bring joy.  See Him reflected in the love that surrounds you from your Bible group.
So we can pray for strangers, we can say – LORD I am praying for someone in need right now at this very second and even though I don’t know who, You do and You know how to let them know there is someone praying for them.


Julie AKA ginghamchick

One thought on “Prayer for someone…

  1. What an encouraging story of listening to God’s promptings on your heart! It’s a good reminder to me to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and be quick to pray in all situations. Thanks Julie!


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