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Containers – photo challenge

Containers, containers, containers, they are all around, every shape and color.  But living containers are a part of our everyday world, that if we did not have, we would not be here long.

Trees – this self contained unit is weather proof (except tornado, hurricanes, and other storms)



These living containers are a life force of our planet converting CO2 to Oxygen for us to breathe.  They are amazing from the bark on the outside to the sap running inside.





Then when the tree dies, it becomes homes for birds, squirrels or other small animals,???????????????????????????????

it also will become a container of insects which in turns feeds birds, IMG_1518dragonflies IMG_0083and more.

fall picture IMG_0879

They come in multiple colors, and textures.

And I for one love that I live where I can see these wonderful containers everyday!

7 thoughts on “Containers – photo challenge

  1. Absolutely love your interpretation of this week’s theme. So many ways you can look at trees. A lot of them are indeed weatherproof, as you mention. It takes a lot to bring a tree down. I love it when huge trees have large holes within their bark and I can climb into them…a container of fun. I know, I’m naughty that way 😀

    Great shot of the bird. Funny how it has a green head and orange neck. It looks a little annoyed.


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