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So today as we pause while sitting in front of our ever popular black and white screens.  Here is where we dump, muse, let the thoughts flow, or as I like to paraphrase I let the ribbon of language flow from the depths of the spring of knowledge in my mind.

We know one another from what we write, how we form sentences, and how one puts down here in our blogs our soul.  Sometimes our soul is part of another animal like the blog I am following written by a  dog who thinks he is human and he believes he can talk and write like us…LOL

Yes, we write for pleasure, to feel gratified in knowing another human will find these words and may connect with them on a deeper level.

Yes, we write to breathe life into characters that pass back and forth in the shadowy recesses of our minds.

Yes, we write to form opinions, to gain understanding of another point of view.

Yes, we write and some more than others yet in no way is any word less worthy.

For me my words sometimes get stuck, in the muck and mire of my mind.

The words are there yet they just don’t flow like I want to so I sit and digest them awhile and feel their presence form a new ribbon. So too are the nerve endings in our mind ribbons connecting old to new, hurt to pain, joy to happiness or tears.  Emotions are like those thoughts free and flowing, sometimes never ending (or so it seems) especially when coming through something sad or tragic in our lives.

The dark and tragic in today’s market place seems to get the attention.  The darker the story the more we want to read, the twists and turns that we don’t expect make us want more.  So for me to write this is my non comfort level.  I like light writing, I love to quote the Bible.  But I know this is not for everyone and that is fine since there are so many blogs out there most of us can find something we like.  So welcome aboard to my muse, rants and raves.  I can tell you I am looking forward to reaching a new potential in my writing.  Also looking forward to meeting other writers along the way!

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