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A bit behind…

So from my point I am a bit behind in this wonderful Zero to Hero posting yet we found ourselves immersed in family and friends this weekend as my daughters best friend was married on Sat.  It was a beautiful wedding, reception and dance.   So then Sunday had to prepare for the upcoming work week.  So now I find myself looking back and saying I am doing this, those were wonderful ideas to write about.  Today’s is Simply the Best, where do we and when do we write.  I for one find the quiet of the late night calming and peaceful without distraction.  The words just seem to pour out at that time with a magical flow that rushes sometimes into a torrent that leads to the ocean, while other times its just a babbling brook that leads to a quiet mountain lake.  But what ever it may be the words just seem to come on their own, no forced effort.  So tonight I will get back to Jan 3, 4, 5th.  But until then know that the best time for writing is when you just sit down and do it!

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