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Who Am I ?????

When I have to talk about myself, I don’t do it often as I am not out for glory or recognition.  I am a behind the scenes type of person, I like to do things for others and I don’t need acknowledgement in fact if no one noticed that would be ok with me.  So this was very hard for me, just as the About Page but I made that short and sweet so it was not to much or overwhelming for myself.

So my name is Julie (named after my grandmother and aunt)  I am a Christian and proud to know my savior Jesus Christ, I know that turns off alot of people but it is a huge part of me and I will explain more of that later.  I am a 5th generation immigrant to the US by way of my great great grandfather, who married an Irish wife when they came into New York harbor together, here they raised 14 kids, one of which was my great grandfather, who had my grandfather, who had my dad, and now I am here because of them.  On my mom’s side we are from Austria and Germany.

We are farmers yet to this day.  The original farmstead is still a part of my family, my side moved north to Ada, MN and then back down to Gibbon MN, I was born and raised in MN and its roots run deep in both my husband and myself, we live in Park Rapids MN and here we raise Registered Quarter Horses, so in a way farming has been in our blood for a long time.  So by these last two notes you now have discovered that I love genealogy, and I am married.

Onto my marriage – Mark is a super, kind, quiet cowboy and we have been blessed to be going on 27 years of marriage come July.  We have been blessed with three beautiful children (two grown daughters and a son) we also came through losing 3 if not 4 children to miscarriage.  We know pain, our hearts are ever etched with what could have been, but for some reason God wanted them as angels instead.  We also know God grants miracles as our son was born when our girls were already 10 and 8 and he was also born with neuroblastoma cancer – we found the tumor at day 3 of his life and by day 5 he had his first surgery and by day 7 he had his first round of chemo.  We went through 4 rounds of chemo and another surgery and proud to say he is our miracle he is now 13 and this Feb we will celebrate his 13th year cancer free !

I love to hand sew items (like felt ornaments), hand quilt, and cross stitch, I also love writing, photography, and gemology.  I am still a very busy mom but find time to work full time in town at a local real estate office as the behind the scenes gal (secretary).

I love gardening, and watching our horses grow, I have become interested in local mushrooms and butterflies and love taking pictures of everything that others may miss seeing.

My love for my God came when I was young and I love seeing His hand in my life at every turn, I have been blessed with so much and never take for granted that I could loose it all like Job did but my love for my God would still be there.  He is the one who prompted me to write, as I have kept a journal for years (ok since i was a teen) but my first attempt at this blogging was not even looked at.  So when God presented this idea for GinghamChick, I knew this was the time for me to start.  I have been at this for 3+ years now but now I am feeling that I can do this to bring more awareness to God and that is why I write.   So if you don’t mind seeing a Bible verse now and then, (well mostly every post) then I may not be the blog for you to follow, if you have questions about God and Jesus, then I might be someone to keep an eye on, and if you love the Lord like I do then pop on over and give me a shout would love to connect with fellow believers from all over the world.

My verse for my blog is taken from Hebrews  10:24  And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love, and good deeds.  Since I was in my teen years I have been spurred on to give not only time but a listening ear and little gifts to those that God wanted me to.  So now I sew these cute little chicks  and they go to friends, family who are hurting from loss of loved one or just are going through something really hard (maybe sickness) just to let them know someone cares, and maybe they will pass it onto a friend who they see hurting, if we tried to help one another and build each other up instead of tearing down or putting down our world would be a different place, of love and caring instead of hurting and pain and killing.

Wow for not wanting to do this it became very easy to write once I just let my mind go and not get nervous or upset if I messed up.  For I know what I am doing is for good

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm youplans to give you hope and a future.


Looking forward to more Zero to Hero challenges/learning

7 thoughts on “Who Am I ?????

  1. Wow Julie, I’m happy for you for having so much faith despite the challenges. And I’m glad you’re enjoying being a behind the scenes type of person! I’m the same, but I’ve always been forced to go out of my comfort zone (and not be myself really). Anyway, I wish you the best!


  2. This inspires me a lot. I am a young mother of 2 little girls, trying to get a little closer to God. I’m just trying to help others by my experiences and live my life the best I can until I learn a better way to 🙂 Thank you


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