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Weekly Writing Challenge : Violet Moon Rising

So the challenge out there this week is to pick three thoughts or things we observed, I wrote this down in my mind while traveling home from my brothers from our families Christmas celebration, it was dark, the moon light was shimmering on the lakes that we pass, and it felt like something was coming…yet I could not wrap my mind about what that was, maybe its just God telling me I am not alone.  This is my first attempt at a challenge so please be kind.  Of course comments are welcome even if they are harsh like the feelings I felt when writing this paragraph of Violet Moon’s Story – this character has been bumping around in my brain for quite some time I am glad her story is finally going down on paper or in this case my blog.

      I stood on the hill, overlooking the lake and town of my birth.  The shimmer of the moon reflects in the water, giving the ripples the silver kiss of His Light.  Here is where I call home, here is where I watch and wait.  Always watching, never knowing when it will happen.  My past is dark and twisted, my life has never been my own, it just belongs to this time, and to these mortals whom I serve.  The wind shifts and the powdered snow flutters blocking my view when it lifts and the moon reigns again, I feel the chill of the shadows down my spine.  The shadows will be back and I will be here watching.  Who am I, am I even important, or are the Moon Sisters anything your world sees?  I am Violet Moon – Head Guardian (or what humans call an arch angel)  the story is not our own, for our mother and hers before all the way back to creation its self, we Moon Sisters have waited on this hill.  500 years at a time then we are relieved of our watch for the next generation.  If He has not come yet, not come back to reign, we all know that one generation will be here for the coming its what we are created for, and our job we embrace, but this time it’s different I can taste it in the wind.  The ebb and flow of the quite will soon be shattered, I just don’t know the moment but it is coming.  I do feel it has grown in strength, so I reach out for my sisters to come home. I will need them all for this, we are mightier together then we ever are apart.  But they’re job is to watch the world while I sit at the portal gate. We have skills that these mere mortals of earth do not, we are the line drawn in the sand between good and evil, and evil is coming, it always comes.  That is until the end of days then our job will be complete when HE reigns again we will be free from watching, free to finally go home to our real home.

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