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As I sit and watch the flakes gently fall to the earth and blanket my world white until spring.  My thoughts drift to the world years ago, how people dealt with snow and cold, without our modern conveniences, snow blowers, plow trucks and warm homes…but then years from now will someone be writing somewhere and thinking back on our lives in this moment of time?

Did authors ever wonder who in the future will pick up my book and read and ponder the thoughts I have placed there, will they understand?  How will my words and thoughts affect the next generation of man?  Am I to bold, rigid or stuck in my ways?  Do I speak to much of God?  Will future generations be able to speak of God?

So as my winter draws me into its thick blanket of white fluff, and I hunker in for spell, I think of things to come, youth and the promise of things yet to be.  As I write what is being invented right now?  Could it even be the key to life without cancer, heart disease, and so many more things.  After my life is spent will people miss me?  Will they even notice?  I came across a beautiful version of the “cup song”  or for those who really know the name of the song ‘You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone‘  and I wonder will anyone miss me? My kids, my husband, my family, friends, co-workers, people in our town. How about people on facebook, or twitter, even here on this blog ?  Will my words make an impression ?

I look back at the words of our savior Jesus Christ (now in red in most bible translations)  and think how blessed I am to live in this age of blogging, where I can freely express my opinion and not have it deleted or blocked.  Where friends are not afraid to ask for PRAYER or for others to freely give PRAYER.  Where you can say you have atheist and gay people in your family and no one judges you because of that.  Where you can freely talk about hunting and fishing and not have a backlash from Peta.  Where I can voice my Love for GOD and if someone is against God they don’t have to read or comment as there are plenty of blogs to go around.  My little corner of this great big world may be cold and remote from large hectic life but this is where I choose to live and love every minute of my views!IMG_0881


IMG_0897 - Copy

So for now from me to you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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