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write i must

For as long as I can remember I have had a deep passion for writing but until just a short few years ago I never did anything with that feeling except in journals.  I would be driving or watching TV or just out for a walk when a character pops into my head and makes their presence known some slip into the darkness of my mind never to bother me again, others are more in your face and want their story told, I have started 3 such stories of strong women each with their own story to tell, once i put the first chapter or so down they seem to back off just a bit, I wonder if other writers feel this or is it just me?  I read somewhere that Stephen King when writing the Gunslinger (Dark Tower) series finished with book one and waited 20 years to finish because the character had not matured enough.  So maybe its not just me.

So for now the characters will bump around in my head, while a few have found life in stories for kids in another blog that my son and I started as an outreach for children dealing with cancer, when he was little we told many stories to him, yet his favorite were the ones he and I made up about the polka dot ranch…so we are now sharing those with our “Flat Farm Friends” since most of us will never meet face to face we become pictures to each other and therefore Flat, we talk of farm life a lot therefore Farm and most become dear friends even though our friendship is words on a white screen, therefore Friends.  Come and see the first 8 installments of the Polka Dot Ranch.  More to come 🙂

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