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beauty skin deep

Since I was little I remember people (mainly older people) telling me beauty was not everything, or you are beautiful on the inside and that is what counts…so I felt ugly.  But everything changed when I met my future husband…he stated that I was gorgeous, beautiful, and even said my eyes reflected His Glory….wow talk about blow a self esteem up to the full mark!  He did that and more, he made me feel like I was truly created just for him, that God had put us on the earth to find each other, and no matter what came our way that we would always be there for one another.

The world on the other hand wanted me to be skinny, wear this outfit, buy this perfume, only eat this much, do this, do that, you will be perfect if you buy this… get the picture.

So here I am, a curvy, short, plump, woman who has 3 kids, (along with 3 or 4 miscarriages, 5 stomach surgeries as kids were c-section) and I am suppose to buy into all this world has to make me beautiful, I think NOT!!!  I will not conform to what the world says – I am BEAUTIFUL !  Because I am ME!!


My husband thinks I am beautiful, and true cowboys tell it like it is…no beating around the bush.  And right here in the BIBLE it states  (graphic from its their wallpaper calendars)

????????So no matter what the world says, I am me and my beauty runs deep!



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