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Uncolored Wings (original poem by Julie Bethel)

I have my wings closed

I don’t believe I can fly

I know I am not worth anything

I am just a little butterfly.

I see myself in the lake

The reflection looking back

Is not one of awe inspiring beauty

It just a reflection of me.

How alone I felt in that cocoon

In the dark and small space

How can I believe that

I could be filled with His grace

Why would I be different?

Why would I be special?

What does He see in me?

I am just like all the rest.

Dark and ugly on the outside

Full of despair and hopelessness

But when I receive His Holy Spirit in

And believe that Jesus Christ is King

He bids me to open, and trust

That He knows what to do

For on the inside of my wings when

I spread them for flight

They radiate with color

And reflect His light.


the Gingham Chick

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