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bumping into friend…

So tonight I bought a few groceries before heading home and bumped into a friend and fellow blogger (thanks for the chat…here is a link to her site as well  ) and I was telling her about this post that I wanted to write but just couldn’t find the time to sit down and do.  So here it is…it might be after midnight and I work in the morning but this is important.

Are you ever prompted by GOD to slow down?  Do you ever see the little things that make you smile?  Are you so wrapped up in the day to day you lay down at night and find you forgot to PRAY.  I have started every morning with a simple prayer Thank you GOD for what You are going to do in my life today, may I touch others along the way.  Its simple straight forward, because we know there is nothing we can hide from GOD that He doesn’t know already.   So why sugar coat prayer with promises that I will do this if YOU GOD do this…I am not that way.

So Saturday I had a chance to sit down and watch my husband and son move hay bales, IMG_1910 and my little prayer went up, here I am sitting in this open field, let me touch YOU today God, and let me know I am making a difference in the world.  Within a few seconds this little butterfly landed on my chair IMG_1914and for the next 20 minutes sat on my fingers…IMG_1915it was such a cool thing to watch one that close and no matter if I moved my hand or not, it did not fly away.  So my prayer to GOD was hey that was pretty neat, but who else can you put in my path that I can hold in my hand ?  Never put God up to a challenge He had fun with it all afternoon, between the bumble bee, two caterpillars, an ant that made it almost to my knee and many birds just within feet of me.  I said out loud to God oh very funny, but I meant to hold in my hand, look what jumped on my foot. IMG_1920 - Copy Yep God works in all sorts of ways, He can grant prayers in the blink of an eye, or He may answer in a year or two…you just have to keep an open mind when praying, for you never know when it will be answered…

After the summer I had last year, I am enjoying every blessing He passes my way from Butterfly to Frog.  Which I know came from my God as F.R.O.G. means Fully Rely On God…what proof could be better than that?

So the next time you pray just keep it simple and keep it real HE knows!

Love the Gingham Chick 🙂

2 thoughts on “bumping into friend…

  1. Great post! It was fun bumping into you yesterday and thanks for the link! I’m glad you made the time to write…it’s a great reminder to slow down and visit with God, I love what he brought to you! Isn’t it interesting how such simple things can be such a blessing to our hearts?


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