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Gingham Chick where did you come from

So as my blog has ebbed and flowed from subject to subject the constant has been God.  He is the reason I started this whole thing, he pressed on my soul a reason for touching lives with Truth, and day to day issues that we all face and how to overcome them.  So here is the little gingham chicks  (patent pending)  that I created to touch lives with a prayer letter and something to make others smile.  Each one of these little ones are hand stitched and prayers are prayed while making for each person I send off too…there have been a few lately that I need to get on their merry way too…


IMG_0072 IMG_0071


Each little chick comes with a prayer letter and a card explaining the parts of the chick and what they mean.  I love to send these off in the BRIGHT YELLOW Envelopes and mail to the person I have been praying for…it makes me so happy to know even just for a moment in time, the person on the other end smiled, or paused and thanked GOD for having a friend, our lives get to complicated at times to remember those hurting, but this little chick can make you smile even on the darkest of days….I just added orange, black and a different green and blue to the mix of colors too…so now you know why I am the gingham chick, and why the little gingham chick is on the heart on front cover…its to remind me even though I may only be a small one person life here on earth that with love I can do wonderful things and with GOD I can do anything!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Gingham Chick where did you come from

      1. Just making sure my post delivery on your settings is enabled via email or Reader bc I’ve been having technical problems (my husband was somehow unsubscribed!) AND bc I’ll be introducing my second blog on holistic nutrition soon….I’ve been posting 2-4x/wk on the Journey site. Blessings. Keep making beautiful things and making things beautiful. =)


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