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Touch 50 Today

So as I write this post I am posting a mile marker of sorts I am at 50 posts since I started this blog, I know in the big picture of the blogging world that doesn’t seem like much to you but to me its huge.  I never thought so many different ideas dwelt within me, I thought once I get to 25 or 30 I would run out of ideas, but with the world changing quickly and my thoughts drifting from subject to subject I have a lot more to say.  And in that little drop in the bucket I was happy to see some of you come back to read often.  I am happy to be touching your world as much as some of you have touched mine.  No one person here on earth has had more impact on my joy than my savior Jesus Christ.

So because I am a child of God I am challenging myself to strive to touch the lives of 25 people tomorrow that I would normally not speak with (i will let you know how it goes).  A stranger in the post office, someone in the grocery store, and by touching their lives maybe they will in turn touch someone else.

You see we all have the capability to do wonderful, marvelous,  great big and little things for our Lord.  We can look at the whole picture and see that it is just to over whelming I will never be able to do that or we take one tiny step and then another, and another and another and soon we are touching lives that we never saw before.

How about it take 5 minutes and think about this, how often to you avoid someone when passing them, do you look away scared that they may talk to you and you would not know what to say.  Here in MN we can always talk about the weather 🙂 but I am making a point that all you have to do is smile, you really don’t know the impact that ONE SMILE can have on someone.  So I want you to smile at least at one stranger or try to make that 25 like I am and see if they don’t smile back.

Its an awesome joy to feel and even more wonderful to watch if you are in  a grocery store and smile at someone then just stand back and watch it spread across the aisles, or even smile at the checker and take some time exiting the line and see if she starts the next customer with a bigger smile than the one you gave to him/her.  You see if we give joy and expect nothing in return then JOY will over flow your spirit, if by chance you give joy and expect everything, nothing will be given for you gave the joy in the wrong spirit.  You need to love and give joy freely never looking to receive anything in return.   Just as Jesus did when He gave the ultimate JOY – His very life that was pure joy for He gave me the chance to be saved by the Joy that was within Him to lay down His life for me and all of you.   He did not because he had to but because He wanted to please the Father and give him the joy in knowing that those who believe on Jesus, and believe God rose him from the dead, and that HE will return will have eternal life…and what a JOY that will be.

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