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Moral Compass

I have been thinking a lot about morals lately, where do we get them and how do we know what we have is correct.  Do you go by the 10 commandments or by Jesus’s commandments?  Do you get them through teachings from your parents or other grownups in your life?  Do you get them from what you read, learn and understand?  Or are they part of who you are from the beginning?  Are they imprinted on your DNA?  Are they passed on from one generation to the next just like hair color or eye color?  Are they deeper than that?  Can we catch them like a common cold or flu?  Do your surroundings influence your morals, if you are raised in a crime environment is that what you are bound to become also, if you have no crime and very little outside contact will your morals be different?  Does everyone of us get morals?  Do they have to be honed like a stratovarius  hand made with care and love?  Or can we have them shoved into us like a pie eating contestant eating his/her way for victory and the blue ribbon.  Lately I have been down with morals, and feeling restricted by the ones I hold for myself.  I am wondering why friends that I feel are just and caring people are dying from cancer or even having to deal with cancer while others shoot someone and change the dynamics of a family forever get off with out serving any time.  Why ???  How can we live in a society that feels its not OK to test products on animals yet its OK to have someone living in the streets…how can we have any standards when the politicians and corporate world have broke so many standards that we have lost track or have simply gave up thinking they will never change…

Change only occurs when one takes a stand…and sometimes change can be difficult to accept, and other times it is not right to accept.  For instance – gun control, really look at this, we have people in Washington DC telling us farmers in MN, ND, SD that you don’t need a gun ever, I would just love to see a politician live where we do, bear, wolves and coyotes can be so close sometimes that you can hear them breathe and our neighbor saw a cougar walk between our barn and the cabin on the property just behind us.  I for one think if someone wants to commit a crime with a gun, no matter the caliber, he/she will find a way to get a gun and commit the crime, but we law abiding citizens now are going to be put under yet another screening to see if we are capable of owning a gun, and who is going to judge that?  Someone that lets a murderer walk free ?  I for one am praying that our whole country comes to an awaking in God.

And this is really hard for me since my brother is a proclaimed atheist (although he did not use to be) and my cousin is gay (again he used to date women and even was almost engaged)…its like God is testing me to love them even though I do not believe in the same things they do, nor could I ever stand for what they want me to back them on.

I have my morals, which brings me back to my question.   How do we get our morals?  and why did I get different from my brother and cousin?   My God is my true North and will always guide my path, many will come and criticise me but that is OK since I am following the way, the truth,  and the light!   I don’t need to have someone belittle my morals or beliefs just because they don’t believe what I believe.  Nor do I have to belittle them and force my belief on them yet we live in a democracy where that is what they are trying to do with rules and regulations from government, they say I am trying to do the same but who cried for separation of CHURCH and STATE and now because it doesn’t fit again they want to change it.

My morals and beliefs have not changed nor will they, I can’t say the same for my brother who was Christian and now is atheist, or my cousin who was straight and now he is gay???  Who’s morals changed??? They just feel that I have to go along with the way they are feeling today, I am sorry you have lost your way, or if you feel I am too stringent, but God is my judge and jury and I sleep well at night knowing I have stood for my morals and He will judge them as well, here in the gap I just have to stand up for my morals and beliefs and leave the rest to HIM.  As I know what is in the Bible to be true even if others want to say its untruth…I will stand for the truth and be mocked if needed just as they did with Jesus.  I will be persecuted just as they did to so many Christians through the years.  I just have never understood why believing is so hard for some and so easy for others.  Why should I not believe in a higher power, a GOD who created me in His own image.  Someone that loves me even if I fail, neglect Him, or sin.  Imagine for just a moment a life without purpose, without goals, without thought of something better than what is here on earth, to me that is a dark hopeless reality for some.  But I was placed here at this time for better things to show light and hope to those who have none, and I will do my best to do just that.

Matthew 5:16 (NIV)

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

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