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Spring is coming and so is Easter!

So with Ash Wednesday just a week away, the question is how are you preparing your heart for the coming Easter Season?  Are you scurrying like the white rabbit always just behind schedule? Or are you striving this year to be on time or ahead of schedule?  I for one think each new year is a time to strive to be better than the last and last year I did really well with keeping my scheduled appointments, this year is feeling a bit like the white rabbit, but I think the real reason for this is too much going on right now in my life.  So as I sit here and ponder what to shake out of the mix, I really see nothing is going to change for me for awhile maybe longer, as spring approaches our ranch.  I did do something a bit different for this year, a bought a dated journal with inspirational message (quotes) on each day, so far this has kept me on track of setting 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night for one on one with God.  I know it does not seem like much but it has been a great blessing so far this year.  And every month I am adding 2 minutes to the time so now in Feb it is 7 minutes in the morning and 7 in the evening.  By the end of the year if my math is right it will be 27 minutes in the morning and 27 minutes in the evening which is almost an hour a day with God. (I will look to add 3 minutes in Jan 2014 to even it out to 1/2 hour in the AM and 1/2 in the PM) I know it doesn’t seem like much now but I am looking at the bigger picture and how much I will be getting to by the end of the year, and how much more calm my life will become because I am focusing more on Him and less on me.  Plus this time set aside I am not asking for anything in prayer, it must be praise/thanks on God only!  This has been very hard to do the first month but as I dig deeper with my walk with the Lord I am finding it becoming easier and easier to praise /thank God, and writing praise down helps a lot!   I see that I have so much to be thankful for!  What are you doing right now to better your walk with GOD?

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