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Positive Prayer

So as I watched the snow falling here in the Northwoods, my mind kept circling around a little guy “Noah” that is stuck in a hospital fighting for his life, he is a preemie and has several tough weeks ahead of him.  As for me I can only hold this little one in prayer since he is so far away.  He is the great nephew of a dear friend of mine.

So while God was using his powdered sugar shaker on my world, I prayed Psalms 139 over Noah.


A beautiful shot with the sun rising!


Over looking Fish Hook River – Park Rapids, MN


Cross at Riverside Methodist Church – Park Rapids, MN


Snow laid pines – Park Rapids, MN


Tucked in a blanket of snow – Park Rapids, MN

So now I can pause and think of these beautiful snow covered trees and remember all those who have never seen or felt snow, and the wonders of my God when he uses his powdered sugar shaker here in my Northwoods home.

May God bless you today and my you have a moment of snow silence just once in your life.

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