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Until now

Life in general is changing moment by moment, and sometimes it just runs us over and we are not ready for the change, don’t see the change coming or want to completely ignore the change.  But we all age, move, make new friends, loose old friends, careers change, our kids grow up, our loved ones die, friends even loved ones get sick, loose your home, the weather, but even though all these change I can count on one constant to always be the same, and has been since the beginning, that’s right God.

He is the rutter to my boat, He is the candle to my flame that flickers and even goes out some times only to be relit.  He gave me everything through His only Son and now I will be able to gain everything when I die.  I will have mansions and gold streets and the gates of heaven are pearls, I will never shed any more tears, no pain, no hurt, no lies or deceite will enter in, it will be truely glorious.  Why you ask, because here we have lies, and hurtful people, we have pain and tears (sometimes so many tears you think you will never see straight again) as everything is blurry.  But He brings comfort in many ways,  sometimes things happen that when we say something it starts a chain reaction that can’t be stopped, it just snowballs out of control.  As it did with Chik-Fil-A, and we saw how one stomp on ones thoughts or beliefs can change to be a negative, and how we (as free thinking Americans) can change that back to be a positive.

It not whether he stated a certain point of view, its how the media twisted it to make him to be such a bad person, when in fact he is not, he just stated his belief, if it comes down to it we all have the right to voice our belief.  Because we live in America, the press and others have the right to voice theirs as well but when you start bullying someone for their personal core belief that is wrong no matter what!  And even if I do believe in traditional marriage that it is between one man and one woman, I can still love my gay friends.  Its their choice to be that way, it does not change them from being wonderful people to be around, and the same for me just because I hold my belief to be that one man one woman marriage does not allow my friends to love me any less, in fact its because of our differences that we can be supportive and loving.  I still hold respect for all types in this world, I just don’t have to agree with your point of view.  This is a country of FREE CHOICE, and may it always be that way.

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