Caring · Christ · Love

God’s Canvas

Tonight driving home I was blessed with a painting from God, the clouds hung low on the horizon, touched with pinks and blues with shades of violet…the beautiful pink, orange ball hung  just above the horizon line, and just as it touched the line the streaks of light bounced up, suddenly the clouds are lined in gold, and the rays reach to the highest heaven, and only you God could create such a wonderful site thanks so much for sharing.  Isn’t it amazing how just seeing His hand in all the things that touch our lives.   From the gentle wings of butterflies

 and dragon flies,



to a beautiful arching rainbow,

or that you can catch a rainbow.


Then it comes to the seed is planteda tree, and with gentle hands with love and care along the way, we are blessed with beauty




Just wanted to thank and praise God for the beauty He blesses me with daily….

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