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Cancer…the feared word

Your sitting in your doctor’s office and he/she states I have some bad news, You have cancer.  You are hit right then and there with the force of a MACK Truck.You sit, stunned, in disbelief and shock.  You did everything you were suppose to do, you ate right, exercised, got plenty of rest, not so much stress, you WERE the picture of health on the outside.   While inside a battle was ragging…and the cancer was winning without your knowledge.  You can go for months even years without knowing its there inside of you.  But know you are not alone in this battle.

2 Timothy 2:3
New International Version (NIV)
Join with me in suffering, like a good soldier of Christ Jesus.

Then you are hit with the news  “YOU have cancer” or even your loved one is the one with the cancer and you still have to support them, help them, cry with them, and be a source of strength for them.  How can one do this, the only way we did was to have our faith in God.  Without Him by our sides I don’t think we could have dealt with our son having cancer as easy as we did.

No don’t get me wrong cancer was not easy to get through but knowing that we had SOMEONE bigger than all of us on our side, made the battle seem less intense.  Since our son’s cancer we have come to a place in life where dealing with it on a day-to-day basis is not our routine anymore, it’s now year to year, and soon maybe every 5 years.  He is now 11 years out from cancer and will be 12 years old this fall.  I am happy we don’t have that to worry about, yet its there just under the surface, will it come back?

But now as I look at our cancer road, I have seen more and more friends discover their own cancer illness, what can I as one person do to help, how can I lend support, I just pray and pray some more, I knew there was a friend who found out she had cancer and now the outcome is not good, how do one deal with that bit of news.  She will leave behind her husband, kids, and grandkids.  Yet her spirit shines through everything she does and has done.  I will greatly miss her smile, but know that I will see it again one day in heaven.  I have lost many to cancer including some precious little ones just a bit older when my son was healed…why him, why was he blessed with life while others lose it?  I know not the answer only that I was placed on this earth at this exact time and had him at just the right time to accomplish wonderful things for the Kingdom, do I need to know those plans? yes that would be nice to know the future, but I don’t need to know anymore than He gives me to see.  I am blessed everyday that my son is with us, I am blessed everyday I have both my daughters and their spouse and boyfriend.  I am blessed to have a loving husband, and so very blessed to know that Jesus was sent to cover all my sins and that by believing in Him I will get to have a forever joy with my God in heaven.

I do miss the loved ones I have loss from cancer and it is a terrible sickness that only can be healed by the loving arms of my savior, my true physician.  Psalm 103


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