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Wanted to make a difference in the world.  But now I just want to write about good in people.  I want this to be a place were good things happen, no negative!  I just want to report good things!  Great things, stories of cancer survivors, war heroes, moms, dads, kids, and anyone else who wants to jump on board.  I also want to spread kindness or words of praise and love instead of hate.  For this is the greatest commandment ever passed onto man from God Himself.

The first story comes from a young cancer survivor.  He was only hours old when it was found that he had neuroblastoma cancer.  Yet in a short 4 months he would be cancer free, yet his path to that freedom did not come easy with rounds of chemo, radiation, and surgeries all while being only less than 4 months old.  What would the long-term effects of the medicine be on his then little body.  How would he grow?  Would he stay healthy?  Yet I can say he pulled through with flying colors.  He endured many rounds of testing and for years and will continue to do so every year.  Its been 11 years since his birth yet I am still amazed at my son’s progress.  He continues to amaze me on a daily basis.  He has Horner’s Syndrome a side effect of where the cancer was removed, but other than that he is happy and healthy.

He also  is a kind, loving child that cares for others and do I believe this is because of how he has been raised?  No he has been loved and therefore he has love to give…when he was little we did not know if he would live or die so therefore we LOVED on him alot.  So now as he is getting older it is reflected in his personality, and his everyday life.  He does not allow friends to pick on one another, he is kind to teachers, and loves life and being close to him on a daily basis I never see this kid when he isn’t smiling!  And what a smile, it just twinkles in his eyes and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy…

So today I am starting a campaign of LOVE, here on this blog and in my creative Ginghamchicks that will soon be making their debut, I am starting a one mom, Love Revolution (as stated by Joyce Meyer) and I am going to  spread it as far as as God will allow, and I will not to be put off by negative people who will tell me that it can’t be done.  Did someone tell the men/women of Egypt that the pyramid could not be built, or the  taj mahal could never be made, or that no one could ever construct a great wall to protect a country.  Or what about the men/women of our great nation, did someone tell them a transcontinental railroad would be impossible, or that no one could build a dam as big as the Hoover Dam, what of early pioneers, did someone say this life is just to hard, too much work, the crop will never make it.  Yes I am sure they were told that but our world and our nation was built on ideas that took shape from one thought, one way of looking at a situation and then thinking of how to make it better or to make it entirely different.

I am that one voice that wants to silence negative press, that one voice that will stand up and make my life count for making a positive change in my town, state, country, world.  I will and can make a difference, and all it takes it to try.  I also know I can do it because I have God on my side…  for its says in Isaiah 1:17  Learn to do right; seek justice.   Defend the oppressed.  Take up the cause of the fatherless;  plead the case of the widow.

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