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Where to start…

As I have thought about this blog over the past two years, read so many blogs doing things right and read a lot of blogs doing things wrong.  I am looking forward to be in the first category.  Life has a way of making the world seem like such a foreign land, uncaring, unsharing, and down right bland.

For in our hustle and bustle of the everyday commute, job, commute, and taking care of kids, family members, paying the bills, practice for all kinds of sports, recitals, dance, racing, games, get together, weddings, births, deaths, life, life, life.

It’s no wonder that our generation and generations behind us are less healthy, less active, and downright less loving.

Yes I said loving,  we are the people who stand by, wait for someone else who might happen by to fix it, report it or even call it into 911…how did we become the hardest working nation in the world to now being the most overweight nation in the world?  Where did our standards change and how do we get them back?

I want so much for my kids to experience what I did when growing up, to be able to play in the yard or for that matter the whole neighborhood.  Where saying the word hood did not mean the bad side of town or a thug in a sweatshirt.

I want to see a country, or for that matter the world, where we know our neighbors, and we help them out.  I want to see less violence in the media and more good stories….why does the media feel it’s their job to show me every one that shot someone?  Why can’t the media focus on more positive stories?

How come when a shooting takes place between TWO AMERICANS and one dies, who happens to be of colored skin its the colored skin people who make into a race thing and not just TWO AMERICANS.  Why is it that no one can see that the other party is hurting too?  But because they are of another race it’s all because of being racist, how come the media focuses on this story when so many others go unreported.  How many saw the picture of our vets that day when the oldest living metal of honor recipient and the youngest living metal of honor recipient met.  Wake up AMERICA,

it’s not about your skin color or where your ancestors came from,

IF YOU were born in AMERICA

you are AMERICAN – not white, black, hispanic, or any other group you want to try to isolate yourself to.


Get off your racist trump card and start standing together as AMERICANS!  United we stand, divided we fall.  If you want to be equal than quit throwing the race in everyone’s media face.  It makes me so mad to see someone isolate someone because of the color of their skin, or because of a wheelchair, or because she doesn’t have hair.  Quit judging others, Quit bullying others, Quit whining that you don’t get your welfare benefits for another week.  Be THANKFUL you get any.  Quit saying that he/she was shot because of the skin color it’s not all about race…sometimes its just evil, hate, or just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time or it could have even been a mistake, yes I said a mistake, we are all human and we do make them… Wake up America, we are the land of the free and home of the brave.  We are not the land of the isolated, and home of the ________ group.  I grieve every time I see another YOUNG AMERICAN killed by another AMERICAN, and it’s not just the shooting, what about drunk driving, bullying, rape or other violent act.  It just doesn’t make sense to kill your fellow country men, women, and children.

What or who will be left?  If we want to take AMERICA back, then start with our neighbors, get to know them, stand with them not against them. Be the ONE standing in the gap!  Be the one to stand for the right not the wrong.  If you see someone in need help them.  We can be the answer to AMERICA’S problems.


Will you take the challenge and be the one?

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