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So man for years have said they have the answer for this or that…yet really do they?  The only one that has all the answers is GOD.  He alone knows every thought, and every action that happens here on earth.  But because we are a free will person, we have the choice to do what is right or wrong…yet He loves us either way.  Wow, how can someone love me even when I am bad?  How can He still want me around?  How can He love me so much that He would send His only Son to take my punishment for sin?  It is overwhelming at times to FEEL THAT LOVED!!!!  How can I ever measure up?  I can’t I am only human, I am not nor will I be in this lifetime be perfect like my GOD.  Yet I look forward to a time when I will be a part of the perfect Heaven.  I look forward to having no more tears, no more hurt, no more evil, and best of all no more killing…its so sad to hear now what doctors are now trying to convince us of….  this is totally wrong…that baby is a baby the minute that sperm and egg unite!!!!  It will not grow into anything else but a HUMAN CHILD!!!!!  HE OR SHE should have the choice of life or no life…and now we are supposed to let you kill that baby outside of the womb after its born…this is SO Wrong…and now people will spend thousands of dollars trying to gain support for this…they will paint a pretty picture of how the mother did not want the child and how since the child can not make a choice we can choose for the child…when will enough be enough…when will MURDER be called MURDER, forgive them Father they know not what they do…  Jesus Christ said this on the cross, and now would be the perfect time to say it again.

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