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Taking up my cross

Today I have been wondering why I wanted to start this blog in the first place…then this morning I read this  Matthew 10:38    Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me.  I know now that I am following what He wants me to do in life, I am here at this very moment at this very year, and doing what I do for HIS master plan, and in what ever way I can be used for the betterment of the Kingdom of my CREATOR  I will do.  If it is to write then give me the words, if I am to make quilts, be a secretary, hug a child, or give everything away, I am and will be ready for it all!!!  I always stop and wonder why do others complain so much?  Why can they not just be happy with their lot in life, then I look at myself, did I complain today about a silly thing?  Did I do something that offended someone?  How can I change and be more loving like my Savior wants me to be.  But then I look at the world and how things have gone so far off track, we once never heard of teenage pregnancy, or shootings at schools, or drinking and driving and causing accidents, or text messaging and causing accidents, but this is in our world because the devil is ruler of the world, and I am a believer not of this world, I belong to my Kingdom in Heaven, therefore I see and understand, what can turn people away from the straight and narrow.  It is so easy to be swayed in today’s world, so much information, so many things to do, so many friends to stay in touch with.  I miss the simpler life of yesterday…when the kids were free to go out and play, when our neighbors were the first to lend a hand, when we knew our neighbors, when they knew us.  But now we are scared to meet anyone not in our safe zone.  So very sad that life has become a trap of don’ts.  When in fact our lives should be filled with dos!!!!  I can do that for you, of course I can help you.  HI, my name is ________ how can I help you with that.  Can I show you an easier way?  or how about “THANK YOU for the help, I greatly appreciate your help to complete this project.

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