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2/15/11 Halfway to March

Hard to believe we are halfway to March already for this year.  Did you finish all the things you wanted to do in Jan. are you pushing things back to a later date yet again.  I have tried to blog more it’s just that I have been uninspired to write.  I don’t want to just ramble on and not post anything that is not worthy to re-read so therefore time and effort go into my posts.  Today on the way home I was inspired to write about gifts.  These are not the pretty wrapped boxes with bows, but the gifts we own.  Do you know what your #1 gift is, are you funny, can you make people laugh, are you trustworthy, are you a gifted speaker, writer, leader?  Can you sew, do you work with wood, metal, or another media, can you show someone something they could not understand.  God calls us to use our gifts to better our fellow earthlings, to build up each other instead of tearing one another down.  To put another ones feelings ahead of our own.  What kind of world would that be, if we just took a moment and thought of someone else for a change, if we focused on others in our lives, made sure they were okay, that they had all of their needs met.  Someone right next to you in the grocery store, or the gas station may just need a smile.  Smiles are free, why not share.  Say thank you, that is not so hard, I can do that, and who knows what that will change in the life receiving it.  He places people in our path for a reason, there is something you need to give when a person crosses you life, but if you ignore what will the Kingdom gain.  When we take a moment to share with someone, our lives become a shining example of what God wants us to be.  He did not make us to squirrel away, or keep stuff like a pack rat, He meant us to share,  to give, to receive and give some more, give a little , give a lot, receive a little, receive a lot.  It doesn’t matter, the amount just as long as you share what you do have.  No every gift doesn’t need to be money…in fact some of the best gifts are just from the heart.  I have several friends going through cancer right now, and I have vowed to give emails, cards, notes, Facebook messages, anything that will help them that day…Cancer is hard enough to go through but without support it is even harder.  Have you ever given up a lunch to share a book with an elderly person at a nursing home who can’t read.  Have you shared an hour with young children at school? How about a homeless shelter?  Did you ever just show up and sing?  Now these are just some ways that we as one person can change one other life, and the more it is passed on the more the sharing reaches.  Yes you are just one person, and yes you may not be rich, yes you may not be an outgoing person, they have story time at the library, try that, are you good with computers, help someone connect on email, they may just not know how…what ever God has blessed you with should not be yours to keep but yours to give away. 

John 3:16 (New International Version, ©2010)

 16 For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

 If God was willing to share His Son with us and do it willing and with love then so should we be willing to share our love with the world, one person, one email, one blog at a time…

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