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when life gets going way to fast, and you just seem like things are out of control, know that you always have someone to lean on in our LORD JESUS CHRIST.  we have been dealing with lots of death since the beginning of Nov. and I can only sit back and shake my head of how my next year on earth will be so very different with out these wonderful family and friends. the old saying goes He never gives us more than we can handle…i just never thought it would be this much…hoping my new year brings new friends to help heal some of my grief. 

Job 17:7
My eyes have grown dim with grief; my whole frame is but a shadow.

He has wonderful verses for everything we are going through in our lives here on earth, we just have to trust that He reveals in time why we go through the things we do here. 

The ONE true WAY  by J.C.Bethel

sadness never really goes away,

the memories of my loved one stay,

fresh in my mind and heart,

they wheel you by on a cart,

friends and family gather near,

but pain and anguish linger here,

we know you are heaven bound,

glory and light to surround,

the ones that believe in HIM,

hear angels sing the sweet hymm,

then God’s power and glory are magnified,

because He suffered, died,

and rose the third day,

so we would know He is the only way,

beyond life and death,

there is the eternal SON BATH,

one that is free for the taking,

its life changing decision making,

wrong path,

to right path,

its the only way to heaven,

or you will be driven,

to the lake of fire for all eternity,

for this is the devil’s captivity,

so believe in the only thing you can

it is the one true and glorious plan,

to become a part of all the saints,

you have to believe without restraint,

that Jesus Christ was sent to be the KING,

over each and every living thing,

so take heart all you non believers,

for God wrote the Bible for all sinners,

so just believe and you will see,

at the gate of heaven little ol’ me.

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