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thinking causes prayer

So today I thought of a friend and prayed for her right on the spot, not sure why she crossed my mind at that moment maybe she needed to feel the hand of our Father, maybe she needed to have someone reach out and stand in front of a demon that was harassing her, maybe… Continue reading thinking causes prayer

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So today did not go as I wanted, things happen for reasons, God is directing my path even though I am resisting going forward with what must be.  This is that kind of writing that I dread, where truths leave me with an open wound for all to see.  But then again we all have… Continue reading pondering

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Being a Parent

In today’s world I find myself drawn into what we could be instead of what we are.  In the society and public eyes they see me as a mom, wife, secretary, but not as educator.  Well that is about to be flipped totally around, my husband and I are making the choice for our son.  We… Continue reading Being a Parent