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Being a Parent

In today’s world I find myself drawn into what we could be instead of what we are.  In the society and public eyes they see me as a mom, wife, secretary, but not as educator.  Well that is about to be flipped totally around, my husband and I are making the choice for our son.  We… Continue reading Being a Parent

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I know most of you will be saying what time did she post this one…well it is now 1:52 AM and I work in the morning but God has been tugging on my heart to talk to you about lies.  Its hard to get rest when the calling is this strong pulling me to verse… Continue reading Thoughts…

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26 Weeks Letter Challenge – D

Lori’s challenge  26 Weeks Letter Challenge for this week is D Doll I made for my niece Dog (Miss Haley Lou) Duck Discs from a plow Duluth MN  you can see the aerial lift bridge on the horizon line in the left of the picture Looking out over lake… Dead or Death Dragonfly And Last but not… Continue reading 26 Weeks Letter Challenge – D